WTS C5-C4 Wormhole

http://anoik.is/systems/J122518 It has many good planets for PI, is provided with POCO’s, and comes with an Astrahus to boot. Noone else lives in the system. I’m asking for 2 Billion ISK.

3rd party?

Brand new toon i See, let me guess you will not use a reputable 3rd party…

I’m sorry. I’ve never even had contact with you. That seems a bit presumptuous. Still for sale.

Still for sale!


Still for sale!

Any interest?

Maybe… tell me more … Do you have a way in , contract me items?

Contact me ingame

Are the POCO’s included? Astrahus fitted?
3rd party?

Yes to the first two. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any trustable 3rd party so I can’t answer the 3rd.

If no 3rd party , I can only do 1B if everything transfers correctly, then ill give the rest total 2B offer. hi sec in?

Yes, I have a highsec in right now. Do you think we could make it 50-50? 1.5-1.5? Also, when will you be on?

Ill have an Alt Look go check it out . If its all good we can deal . But Like I said I can only do 2B

I’m sorry, I thought you meant 1B for the location and the second 1B for the transfer and the final 1B at the end. Although I’m willing to take a 2B offer, I’m not giving the location for free. Sorry and good luck!

Sounds good.

Still for sale!

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