WTS C5/C5 wormhole with Astra and Poco's

(Isgari Yamadan) #1


Looking for ~2.5B but I am open to offers. Astra is fully fitted and has fuel for 50+ days.

(Isgari Yamadan) #2

Price drop to 2.5B.

(Mikrotik OS) #3

i mailed you in game. convo me pls. i whana buy

(Isgari Yamadan) #4

Replied. Also, bump!

(Isgari Yamadan) #5

Still for sale!

(Mikrotik OS) #6

isk’s send. waiting transfer astrahus and enter on system

(Mikrotik OS) #7

send 500mill bonus too

(Mikrotik OS) #8

After the transfer of funds character disappeared. Login was not provided. Assets not transferred.

I ask the game masters to intervene in the situation. Return the funds and bring the seller to justice

(system) closed #9

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