WTS c2-HS/C3

J133210 2 billion Isk


comes with one Astrahus (mostly fitted) and Raitaru



94 Days of fuel in Astra and 11 days in Raitaru

1 dead/abandoned pos

comes with 8 custom offices
3rd party accepted for transfer. Buyer pays fees.

Post here or evemail in game.

bump bump

Interested but skeptical. Why only 2 billion for something worth well over 3? I sent you a mail in game as well. Would like to do business.

I just dont have time to try and break everything down. Moved onto other things in game. Great deal for someone.

Am interested please contact me in game or leave a mail on how to close the deal and when your available.

very interested, ISK on hand, a couple of questions but willing to 3rd Party buy within 24 hrs.

Im online now for awhile if someone is interested.

Still for sale?

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