Wts c2 sold

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Asking Price: 2 bil w/Customs Offices, 1.5 bil without. Set at 3% tax.

WTS my Class 2 Wormhole with Static C2 and Low Sec connection. Wormhole has been great, but I need to downsize my responsibilities. Wormhole comes with fully fit Astrahaus, no fighters since they’re being changed. Two missile launchers, void launcher, XL Neut, Web, Scrambler, ECM x2. Fit with Energy Weapon Rig. Hole also contains a Raitaru, unfit.

All ten planets have corp owned Customs Offices. They are set at 3% for everyone. This is the money maker in this WH. http://www.eveplanets.com/eve/system/index/show/J214854 . All fuel possible.

I will require a third party for the transaction, paid for by the buyer.

Please contact me by evemail on this character

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Bump; Still looking to sell.

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SOLD! Thanks to Elizabeth Norn for another great 3rd party experience!

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■■■■. Wish I saw this bad boy earlier.

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