WTS C2 WH with C6-NS Connections

I’m looking to sell this C2 wormhole. It is one of 12 or so in the game that have connections to both C6 and Nullsec so it is highly desirable both for PVP and PVE. The wormhole does come with an astrahus and raitaru. Both are fitted and fueled for the next 15 or so days. All POCO’s will be transferred with the sale as well. Due to this wormhole’s rarity and the structures already inside, I’m looking for 2B or so. However, I am open to negotiations.

Bump. Price drop to 2.5B.

what is the j-sig of the system?


sent message in game.

Bump. Price drop to 2B.

Im highly interested please contact me in-game I cant seem to find your character in-game.

If it is still for sale then third party and broker for wormholes. Please feel free to contact me if you want help selling your wormhole!

Is this still for sell?

Still for sale? Add me on discord Golf#0716

Are you still selling this WH? Could you please find me in-game? Nick is the same

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