WTS C2 W/ Static NS/C5 - Including fitted astrahus

Hello Scary Wormhole People

We are selling our Home, C2 with Nullsec and C5 static.

  • Included is a combat fitted astrahus ( no rigs, 2 bill jita value )
  • No dead sticks
  • Pocos are NOT ours, but from a dead corporation
  • You can move in immediatly if wanted.
  • PI Info: 5 Barren, 1 oceanic, 1 plasma, 1 temperate

please leave a message or contact me ingame

Price 3B
if you want it through a thirdparty, you arrange it and take the costs.

bumps for this nice WH


still for sale, ready for you!

been quiet for a while but still for sale

Dropped in an in game email. shout me

Any update?

i would like to buy this wh


please contact me ingame professor Hellingen


i already sent a mail ingame to Infinizo directors and got directed here by Eudora. If the wormhole is still up for sale i am definitely interested. Feel free to contact me ingame.


Sold. Thanks for replying everybody.

Smooth sale, all good from my side aswell. Thanks!

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