I would like to offer our wormhole for sale.
its a quiet C4 WH with a static c3 and c2, We’ve decided to upgrade wormhole after some months within this one.

The sale will come with a fitted Astrahus and Fuel that has a jita value of 2.8 BIL.
this included the fit + structure + core +fighters+fuel Currently enough fuel in it for 50 Days.

This wormhole has good planets for a corp to do P.I in it.

With the C2 you will get an acces to highsec so you can shop and its also a place where newbro’s can make good isk with their skills.

With the C3 you will get acces to a good PVE enviorment about 45 mil per 7 minutes with a Rattlesnake solo. And also if you roll it you may find a C3 with a nulsec static so you can go to nulsec and roam.

Within the C4 you can have fun with your corp doing C4 Sites, that pays off about 92 Mil per 10 Minutes with 2 Nestors.

This wormhole is ideal for beginning and midsize corps that enjoy the peace and quiet enviroment within wormhole space.

I’m currently asking 3 BIL for this wormhole, this is 2.8 Bil for the Structures and Fit i got within the wormhole and 200 MIL as extra for the effort so its a fair price from my point of view.

We do have 3 Rolling Battleships that may be taken with the sale… For Jita Value
aswell for a Broadsword incase the buyer wants. So all you have to think of after purchuse is to bring your own stuff in. And you’re set to go.

If your interrested please contact me ingame or join my public channel IKIL-COM

Daily bump

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Can i get a list of planets please? i want to know what PI i can produce in this wormhole


Here you go :slight_smile: @Hamoud_Hibra

Daily Bump SELLING ALL FOR 2.7 BIL, from now and the next 24 Hours.

300 MIL DISCOUNT or i will just take the structure down.

Sold :slight_smile: Thank you

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