Space for Sale and for Rent: C1-C6 Space

Hey there!

WormBroker Wormhole Services currently has 7 wormholes for sale and 2 for rent. If you are interested in renting/purchasing any of these wormholes, please mail me in game at Peaceful WormBroker Guy

Wormholes for Sale:

Wormholes for Rent:

If you want to sell or rent out your wormhole, please mail me in game and I can setup, advertise, and manage the process for you!


Reserved for updates

Reserved for even more updates

Reserved for all the updates

More wormholes for rent/sale coming soon!



Still havent bother changing toons from your last ripoff attempt lol

Why would I change my toons? No one has provided proof that I have scammed anyone. I am just trying to do my job, make a decent amount of money, and help people out. If I was a scammer, I would have cut rope and made another scam…

Refusing 3rd party on a random unafillied alt :lol:

Thats not proof but okay. Why would I third party if its my job to 3rd party? Im just confused why you are here…

Because ■■■■ ppl who are scamming ppl trying to play this game by abusing of them :slight_smile: especially when they have 0 balls and do it on an alt

lol okay, whatever helps you sleep

This HK scam has been around for years, idk how people still fall for this crap lol.

I do not work with HK :slight_smile: