Selling Wormholes - Updated Regularly

I am selling various wormholes as and when I find them. If you need a particular type of hole found I can take a 10% deposit (non refundable) to sell you the first hole of that type I find.

Current Stock:
C3 with lowsec static - Price 400m:
11 planets decent PI

C1 with HS static
Price: 650m
5 planets good PI
Great for a small Corp

C1 with HS static:
2 caps available in system - Charon (with Anathor in cargo) and Rorqal available from current owners for 50% Jita price (+broker fees).
Comes with all POCOs in system and a free POS.
J number available on request due to current owner request.
Price: 500m broker fee + swap of a C1 wh w/ HS static or 1.5b paid to Tom Raknann upon successful relocation of current owners…

C2 Magnatar with C2 and Low sec Static
Price 700m
Great PI
Great krabbing hole

C2 with C1 and HS static
Price 1b
Great PI
Fantastic statics for a small corp to farm.

C1 with HS static
Price 650m
Good PI
Low activity system only a few small dead sticks

C2 black hole with HS and C4 static
Price 700m
12 planets excellent PI
Good effect
Great krabbing hole

Basic POS setup pre-move available for 600m fee on all holes.

Wormhole sale brokerage
I am happy to act as a broker for other wormhole sales should people require it. My Fee is 5% total sale cost.

When purchasing WH’s from me you either go first or you can pay the fee for a trusted broker

Still available looking for more

bumped C1 with HS static added

Added two new wormholes! and a trade offer for a currently lived in wormhole + CAPS!

New wormholes added

bumping for my interest - Ill keep an eye on this. Thanks!

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Thanks Vi’Ra! bump new wormholes coming soon

Bump still selling

bump still looking

Free bump. Following. Looking for C5 farm holes.

Free bump 2. Looking for C4-C3/C5

Interested in the C1 bro :eyes: Contact: The Great Monzo#9379
Need nice safe wormhole to get into Jspace with :slight_smile:

Still waiting

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