Wormhole sales

Hey, I’m back with empty wormholes for sale!!

C5 with C6 static Wolf Rayet, 16 sites ready to run. No structures, 3rd party poco’s. Move in ready
Price 3 bill

C2 with C1/HS static
Price 650 mill

C4 with C2/C5 Statics
Black Hole
Price 1.5 bill

C4 wit C2/C5 statics
Price 1.5 bill

C3 with HS static
Price 1 bill.

C2 with C3/HS statics
Cataclysmic Variable
Price 1 bill.

Bump, still for sale.

Daily Bump with new wormhole.

Bump bump bump

Both holes are still for sale.

What is jsig of the the c5 wormhole please

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Since I am new to the whole market side of the game, how can you sell a WH?

Kugisa Soikutsu, I sell you the location to get into the wormhole.

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Holes are still for sale!

Bump with a new hole for sale!

Bump up! Holes are still for sale.

@Ashira_Tilmarand I tend to check the holes every few days, None of them from last check have any structures in them, hence they belong to no body. If they do, I will properly remove them and continue sales.

C2 with High sec and C3 statics

I buy this one

Mail sent

Wh is succesfull bought.
It was very fast, friendly and competive.

Really good wh trader, thanks again for all

Updated with a new WH!

i m looking c3 with hs static…when you got one give me a shout…i will buy it…tnx

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Updated with new Wormhole

after you buy you proly get evicted then its resold on here bro