Wormhole sales

Currently away from game.

Bump, still for sale.

Daily Bump with new wormhole.

Bump bump bump

Both holes are still for sale.

What is jsig of the the c5 wormhole please

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Since I am new to the whole market side of the game, how can you sell a WH?

Kugisa Soikutsu, I sell you the location to get into the wormhole.

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Holes are still for sale!

Bump with a new hole for sale!

Bump up! Holes are still for sale.

@Ashira_Tilmarand I tend to check the holes every few days, None of them from last check have any structures in them, hence they belong to no body. If they do, I will properly remove them and continue sales.

C2 with High sec and C3 statics

I buy this one

Mail sent

Wh is succesfull bought.
It was very fast, friendly and competive.

Really good wh trader, thanks again for all

Updated with a new WH!

i m looking c3 with hs static…when you got one give me a shout…i will buy it…tnx

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Updated with new Wormhole

after you buy you proly get evicted then its resold on here bro