Wormhole sales

If that was the case you would see word of it on the forums and on my post. Not in the business of evictions, just real estate.

Bump, New hole for sale.

Bump :heart:

Bump, Still for sale.

What type of WH are stilll for sale ?

The C4 is the only one that I have open at the moment.

Bought the C4 this morning.
Seller scanned an entrance to the hole and sold me a bookmark for 50% of the price with the entrance.
After i entered the hole and verified everything i paid the other 50%.
Everything went nice and easy.

10/10 would use again :slight_smile:

Bump New hole for sale.

Bump new hole added

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Im looking for a c5 farm hole, what you got?

At this time I do not have a C5 available.

Bumb, new C5 wormhole added for sale.

New C5 added

New C2 added.

Bump, greats holes for sale :slight_smile:

Hi, is the c2 still available?

Is the C5 available, and how much?

There are 2 C5 holes listed. Price is directly underneath. One is 1 bill the other 1.5 bill.

Still some great wormholes for sale!