Hi, as you may know I have been selling wormholes on the forums. Years back I started my own service, since I am trustable and legit. Sold many wormholes without any scam.

For WH service, join the channel GFP or mail Bromeus Cahal. Tell us your desired WH with statics and effects, and we will look for it without any deposit. We can also provide anchoring security, defenses, freely advice and other services at a cost.

Holes on stock :

C4 C1 C3 black hole
C5 C2
C3 Hs via @Cap_t_Jeyne
C2 HS C1 via @Alex_Utopia

Can find anything else, hop on GFP for more info or contact us directly.

We also thank you for your several positive reviews :

‘‘Ryan Reckonist’’
Friendly and prompt delivery today. Will not hesitate to use in the future when the need arises. Thanks again Bromeus o7.

Quick and professional, many thanks.

‘‘Okre Okaski’’
Sale finished went smooth no issues would recommend im happy and so is the party im representing.

Just purchased, very happy with professionalism and speed of his service would recommend to anyone wanting to get into the wh life.

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C4-2-1 Magnetar for sale.

C4-2-1 Pulsar for sale.

Looking for some decent PI (particularly good P2 extraction planets like lava/plasma) with, ideally, a HS static (may consider LS for an exceptional hole).

Looking into it. Make sure you join GFP channel when you’re online.

magnetar sold


C3-LS Black hole for sale


Selling C1/HS, J151332. Anchored Raitaru, 5 customs offices. 2 Barren, 1 Gas, 1 Storm, 1 Temperate.

1.5 billion for all, or 900 million with 2% POCO tax.

Ingame freekytoes


J232826 c3-HS.

1 POS, No citadel. HS Static. Pm in game


WTB - C2 with HS/C3 static - need great PI “at least fuel blocks” and pay extra if it has lots moons.

I want to buy this, i accept 1.5 billion for all

KFC pm in game

WTS J125031 C4 WH with c4 - c1 statics no effect. Great PI. 1bil, empty no Citadel or POS

WTS J100129, C3 HS Static decent PI. Comes with fully fitted 2bil astrahus. Selling it 3bil. PM in game or here

WTS J100156 c3 HS 100% empty. No structure, no POS