WTS Wormhole (multiple)

I’m looking to sell wormholes, if you or your corporation are interested please send me a mail where you tell the following:

  • Class you want and the statics
  • Preferred effect or if you don’t care about it
  • If you have interest in PI and what planets you prefer
  • Do you care about offline control towers or pocos and if you want them removed

Once I have the information i will send you the information about the WH system I have to offer and the price. For extra there is possibility for hauling service, control tower or poco removal and much more. Contact me and we will find you the home of your dreams

To the top

Now offering C2 with C3 and HS static

How much for C2 C3/HS?

I’ll contact you in game for the details

still selling the c2, and more to come, contact me in game for the details

Looking for a c2 pulsar with a ls. A hs would be acceptable as well. Dukt tapir in game.

LF c4 wolf rayet with a static c3 other static is irrrelevant

Looking for a C1/Null or High or C3/Null or High. Prefer POCO’s included, but we can bash ourselves. PI would be nice for fuel blocks. Not too worried about effect. Have discord to chat.

Service is closed for a month or two while building up the inventory

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