Wormhole Sales - Updated Regularly!

I am selling various wormholes as and when I find them. If you need a particular type of hole found I can take a 10% deposit (non refundable) to sell you the first hole of that type I find.

Current Stock:
C2 with High sec and C3 static - Pulsar. Amazing system for PI and Ratting.
Price 3b

C1 with Low Sec static. PI information available on request. A great starter hole or Krabbing location.
Price - 500m

Wormhole sale brokerage
I am happy to act as a broker for other wormhole sales should people require it. My Fee is 5% total sale cost.

When purchasing WH’s from me you either go first or you can pay the fee for a trusted broker:


Mr Blonde Adoudel

confirming. quick and honest!

Alexander LoboGris

Very professional service. I recommend it.

Sold already:
C1 with Low Sec static. Black hole - PI information available on request. Another great starter hole or Krabbing location.

C3 with null static - Pulsar - Decent PI (further details available on request) - One Low power abandoned Raitaru in system
Price 1.5b

added more stock

Added a C3! More stock coming soon!

Hi looking for a c5 or c6 preferably with a structure inside. Let me know if you get one

Will do!


Hi, o/. Does the c1 blackhole have any structures? Ty

Hi Cicada. I believe it has some dead stick POS but no Upwell structures.

I’ll take the c1 blackhole, at work atm but sending isk when I get home isk will be from my main tanya. Thx

Great. I’ll be online till about 11pm gmt if you aren’t online around then. I will create a contract for an entrance :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely be back before then, could you PM me the j code, want to check the pi while at work. I still want it regardless. But boredom lol

Sold! C1 with black hole to Mr Blonde Adoudel

confirming. quick and honest!

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Sold the c3!

Looking for a c2-c5 weather doesn’t matter.

Are you interested in the listed c2? If not ill keep an eye out.

I live in a c3-0.0. I need a c2 with a 0.0 static

Okay will let you know if I find one. I take deposits if you want first refusal before it goes to open market.

Not online or I’d place a deposit.