WTS C4 Static C4/C3

WTS C4 Wormhole, no effect

Static : C3 & C4

This wormhole is a great place to roll for PvP & Content, with a good strea mof money coming either from C3, or from C4 if you feel like using RR snakes / domi

Price include : POCO ownerships on all (10) planets. All P4 can be procuded in this hole :slight_smile:

Wormhole can also be sold with :

  • Fortizar, anchored with 3 rigs (valued 11b at Jita), or unanchored in an orca.
  • Unanchored Engineering Complex (2)
  • Several caps (FAX, Dreadnough, Carriers)

Price depending of what you want to buy (only the hole, hole and structure, hole structure and caps). If you buy something more than just the hole, we will use a 3rd party.

Drop me a message :slight_smile:

I have a citadel already in order so can you sell just the worm hole for me name the price of just the worm hole

Still for sale, price available on request

To the top :smiley:

The wormhole has been sold few weeks ago to a great buyer.

Thank you !

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