WTS C4 Wormhole C3/C4 Static


System comes with one fortizar, one athanor, and 7 pocos. Structures come with fittings.

Also included are 3x thanatos, 1 ninazu, 1 moros, and 1 orca. All ships come with fittings.

We also have some ammunition that you can have. We would rather include it than ship it out.

This has been a great system. The C3 statics make it easy to stay supplied, and the C4 static is good for access to deep wh pvp/ratting. We have been in wh space for quite some time now, and we’re just looking for something different.

Price is 25 billion ISK.

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Still available.

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Buy my hole.

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C4 for sale.

Still for sale.

Price reduced.

Hi, where i can see - fits Forti and Astra - and Thanys

Hi Daganar,

Thanks for your reply. I will send you an evemail within the next couple of days.

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Still for sale.