WTS: C4 Pulsar C2/C3 static

We are moving out, and we had a deal to sell off our wormhole, the deal has since fallen through

We will entertain offers until the 5th of may as was our intended sales date

The hole contains: 10x prebuilt defensive capitals, 2 rorquals, 3 freighters and a Carriers

Fortizar with core and fittings, Optional 2nd fortizar
1 Athanor T2 rigged ore
1 Athanor Reaction and Ice rig
1 Production raitaru
1 Lab raitaru

We will entertain offers of 25b or above. this doesnt cover the value of either structures or capitals separate from each other, offers below this will not be entertained.

Mail me Ingame. IF we dont find a buyer within the timeframe, we will SD the caps and move out.


Mail me Ingame.

Just for clarification, what comes with the hole at 25b?

Everything listed. Structures, riggs, fittings. absolutly everything.

we will even leave the fuel wich is 3 months worth for each structure.

If bid reaches 30b i will throw in a second fortizar^

deal must be finalized by the 5th of may

oh, i forgot, i can leave some DST`s, Home defence fleet stuff. and all other neccecities of wormhole life, rolling battleships, hics, and industrials aswell as gas huffers, pi ships and all other stuff

all in all, the value should exede 50b with capitals, we are litteraly fireselling to do other things. soo, its not gonna be a thing where this can be dragged out. either we get what we want for it, or we blow it up

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