WTS - C4 Wormhole with Fortizar and POCOs and C3/C5 statics

(Denngarr B'tarn) #1

We are looking to sell off the corp wormhole for cost.

We own all POCOs and are willing to sell to you. 12 planets let you produce ALL P4/T4 materials.

System for sale: J113131

We have currently a Fortizar anchored in system with Manufacturing service module and defenses installed. We will also include 3 Megathron rolling battleships.

Price: 15b ISK

You can hit the ground RUNNING in this hole, with profits of 300m/hour easily. Reply quick before it’s sold.

(Claevyan) #2

Messaged you in game.

(Lorethor) #3

I’ll buy it. Sent in game message

(system) #4

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