WTS C4 Wormhole with C2/C5 Static - Sale


Selling a C4 wormhole with C2/C5 Static

Including all Citadels: (All Citas are fitted and fueled)
1x Fortizar
1x Astrahus
1x Raitaru
1x Athanor

The Hole has a radius of 8.65 AU from the sun.

You have a easy connection to Empire Space through the C2 static and make your iskies from the C5 static. All Citadels and the entrance System will be given after full payment.

7 Plantes:
2x Lava
2x Oceanic
2x Temperate
1x Gas

8 Moons

For more information PM me ingame.

The starting price is at 15b ISK.

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