WTB C5-C5, C5-C6, C6-C5, C6-C6 wormhole

I just want to buy.

Not choosing to rent.

Contact me in game email or via Discord (Haoran#2462).

fortizar - you pay me 10b for core + forti
finders fee - 2b
merc (anchoring fort and protecting the frieghter) - 1b

we talked on discord and this is the total arranged costs, in return he gets the fortizar in J134652 and I get the 13b as compensation

clinch a deal´╝îTrading began.

Hi their Mr SoftlyRan,

If you are still looking for a c5 with c5 static wormhole please contact me via discord. Radioactive#9197

Im asking for 15bil in total for the wh, with some ships already provided in their for your convience.
Fortizar is fully fit with a core (13b) + 2b of ships. this is a offer you cannot turn down my friend.

Will ask for 10b upfront and 5b after the transaction.

Looking forward to doing business o7

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