WTS C4 WH with C4/C3 statics 40+ moons and citadels

have a C4 wormhole with c4/c3 statics, has a fortizar, and tatara, with over 40 moons in system. comes with a dread, carrier and fax. fortizar is fully fit, and tatara has a fitting but no rigs. capitals are also fully fit.

70 Billion OBO.

I bought a c4 with c5/c3 statics with near perfect PI coming with a Fortizar, Azbel, Astrahus, 2x Raitaru. All of them completely fitted for 25bil. Your price is way over the top.

i find that hard to believe since a fit fortizar is around 25bil alone, and a fit tatara is about 25bil as well

Seems the Ardanauth WH sale site is down or I’d recommend taking a look at that. You’d even find the sale of said wh I bought as well on the site.

thank you, selling just the system with a fortizar and caps, listed on the website you mentioned. thank you.

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