WTS C3 - LS static (60 Moons)

C3 with a Lowsec static for sale:

Fit and Rigged Astrahus - 2.4 bil
Fit Azbel- 5.35 bil
7 Fit (only moon drill) Athanors- 7 bil
1 Fully fit (refining) Athanor- 4 bil
3 rorquals - 6.6 bil
Subcaps - 2.2 bil

Buy it now (everything) - 25 bil

This wormhole is turnkey ready, rolling ships already assembled and fit, moons estimated value is 250 bil per month, also perfect P4 Planetary Interaction. Willing to send J-Code and Moon Data when asked. If you are looking for something capable of printing isk with minimal effort this is the place to go. If you aren’t interested in all the structures or ships, let me know and we will work with you. All sales will be handled through a third party.

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale

sold now

Buying this. agreed in game. Thanks!

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