Wts: C3 with ls static. Astrahus, Raitaru, and Athanor

Selling a C3 low-sec static u210 with no system effect. No dead sticks or abandoned citadels.

Planets include 1 lava, 1 storm, 2 barren and 3 gas and system contains over 50 moons to mine.

Sale includes 6 pocos, 1 athanor, 1 raitaru, 1 astrahus. All fitted and well fueled.

Asking 4 billion isk.

Great turnkey opportunity to move in and start making isk right away. Send an eve-mail in game with questions or for the j-code.

Bump for the beginning of the week.

Bump it every few days.

still available

bumpity bump bump

Edited description and price. Bumpity bump.

Friday bump.

Sunday bump.

Monday bump.

Its Wednesday already. Good day to buy a wormhole.

i’d be willing to buy it for 2 bilion

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