WTS C3 with Lowsec Static (sold) pls delete


Effect: None
Static: LS

You will get:

  • 1 fully fitted Astrahus (incl. T1 Fighters, Ammunition, Cloning Bay, some Fuel)
  • 1 fitted Raitaru (Manufacturing Plant 1, Reprocessing Facitliy 1, Ammunition) no Rigs
  • all Pocos (9)
  • 1 rolling BS
  • 1 rolling HIC

Price 5b

There are three dead sticks in the WH

Mail me ingame if you have any questions.

Is this still for sale?

Yes still for sale

still available

Still for sale

Could you pm or mail me the jcode? Thanks.

I send you a mail ingame.

If this is still for sale I wouldn’t mind a J-Code either :slight_smile:

wh is still for sale. I send you an ingame mail with the jcode

Still for sale

Nice WH, get it now

Still for sale

To to top. Still for sale

Hello sir. Sounds goods.
Can you give me the Type of the Static? like its a X877 or something like that.


The wormhole has a low sec static (U210)

Still for sale

lowering price to 5b



Still for sale