WTS C3 with Lowsec Static (sold) pls delete


(Mika Moore) #1


Effect: None
Static: LS

You will get:

  • 1 fully fitted Astrahus (incl. T1 Fighters, Ammunition, Cloning Bay, some Fuel)
  • 1 fitted Raitaru (Manufacturing Plant 1, Reprocessing Facitliy 1, Ammunition) no Rigs
  • all Pocos (9)
  • 1 rolling BS
  • 1 rolling HIC

Price 5b

There are three dead sticks in the WH

Mail me ingame if you have any questions.

(Krytan Reborn) #2

Is this still for sale?

(Mika Moore) #3

Yes still for sale

(Mika Moore) #4

still available

(Mika Moore) #5

Still for sale

(Tak Amura) #6

Could you pm or mail me the jcode? Thanks.

(Mika Moore) #7

I send you a mail ingame.

(Nyssari) #8

If this is still for sale I wouldn’t mind a J-Code either :slight_smile:

(Mika Moore) #9

wh is still for sale. I send you an ingame mail with the jcode

(Mika Moore) #10

Still for sale

(Mika Moore) #11

Nice WH, get it now

(Mika Moore) #12

Still for sale

(Mika Moore) #13

To to top. Still for sale

(DeathBringer Diablo) #14

Hello sir. Sounds goods.
Can you give me the Type of the Static? like its a X877 or something like that.

(Mika Moore) #15


The wormhole has a low sec static (U210)

(Mika Moore) #16

Still for sale

(Mika Moore) #17

lowering price to 5b

(Shark Starseeker) #18


(Mika Moore) #19


(Mika Moore) #20

Still for sale