WTS C3 with Highsec static, POCO’s, and Astrahus (Sold)

WTS a C3 with Highsec static with fit Astrahus and transferable POCO’s. Also comes with a rolling battleship, salvage destroyer, a couple Epithals, and scan ship. 2.5B


I’ll take this please.

Contact me in game.


I will contact you tonight. I’m USTZ.


Sorry bud, found another hole. I’ll have to pull out of this. Good luck with the sale!

That’s fine. GL to you.

Wormhole still for sale.

If still available we’d be interested in picking it up to add to our freeport network.

Ping me (Heretic) on our public Wormlife Freeport Discord server: https://discord.gg/C6CWjdz

Yes it is still for sale. I’ll hit you up on discord.

Wormhole is sold.

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