WTS C3 w/ LS Static CAPS/Citadel/POCOs included

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #1


WTS my corp’s C3 wormhole after 2 years. Im moving to Null sec and want to get rid of my entire investment.

Here is the info:

My Corps hole for 2 years
-7 Pocos (Other 2 are 0% tax so no need to shoot them down)
-Providence Freighter
-Fitted Astrahaus

Price: 2.5B

Mail me ingame or reply here.

Thanks! o7

(Kam Kanno) #2

hello, please mail me in game

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #3

Replied. Im also online if you can speak directly via PM.


(PaDiddy Robcobo) #4

Bump. Still for sale! Mail me or reply here!

(LaneyLee) #5

Hello i may be interested in buying this hole, what price are you asking, am online in game if would prefer to mail me there with the info

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #6

I sent convo request. Thanks!

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #7

Still for Sale!

(SilentSta1ker) #8

Im interested please contact me in game

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #9

I sent ingame mail. Ill be around today. thanks!

(aredd05) #10

I am interested as well.

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #11

How did that 60m kill mail that took two days feel ? lmao

(aredd05) #12

What are you referring too?

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #13

Still for sale!

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #14

still for sale!

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #15

Still for sale! 2b takes it!

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #16

Happy New Years! Still for sale!

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #17

still for sale!

(PaDiddy Robcobo) #18

SOLD! Thanks to everyone who inquired!

(system) #19

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