WTS/ Rent c4-3/2 Perfect PI

On a burner, but want to sell my old wormhole. my corp outgrew it.

c4 home with c3 and c2 statics make it a great place for newbros to get introduced to wormholes, with lots of solo/small-group ratting, and planets to make any p4. I also own all but 1 or 2 POCOs.

currently has a Astra/Rait/Athanor in there, set up to cover the whole hole on Dscan (system is like, ~16 au across) and insta-warp between structures. If this takes too long to sell, might take down the indy buildings.

You can mail me in-game and we can talk about what structures I leave, price, yada yada, @ Mr Freecss

Still open! its a great first hole for newer Wormhole corps!

bumping. I still got it, but took down the structures so its just an Astra and Pocos

going ahead and bumping again.

its a great hole for starting out in! you get the best of all ratting under c5

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