SOLD: C4 Magnetar, C3/5 statics

C4 Magnetar with C3/5 statics. Has POCOs and a perfect PI mix of planets (you can make any PI product in this 'hole). Has 13 moons and a full spread of available Moon Goo.
Currently has a Fortizar, Athanor and 2x Raitaru anchored, we can negotiate on which structures you want to pay for/keep and which ones we tear down before final evac. Also available by negotiation is the Capital Fleet I built in there (8x Carriers, 3x Apostle, 3x Dread, Fenrir and Rorqual).
Please PM me for more details.

still for sale!

this is a truly excellent wormhole!

How much for everything

25b for the structures, pocos and rigged capital hulls. Capital fits @ Jita Split (halfway between buy and sell).
Transaction to be done via a third party such as Chribba or Elizabeth Norn (I will cover the transaction fees).
A viewing of the system is possible. You will need to enter system in a frigate I will provide you with (no probe launcher), the entrance will be collapsed after you enter and you’ll leave via Pod Express.
Edit: Price includes structure fittings.

So if I read your edit right 25 for everything? Including capital fittings?

no, it includes the capital hulls and currently fitted rigs. The fits for the capitals are available at Jita Split.
Price DOES include the fittings on the Fortizar and other Upwell Structures.

Can u get me a price with fitted caps. Also I know little of these third parties so I will have to look into them, but I am very inclined to do this. I am going to bed, but hope u can give 24hrs to hammer out the details.

I’ll PM you the cap fits and evepraisal links.

Great I will contact you when I am on tomorrow

Oh ya system # plz


No sale yet finalised, wormhole still on offer!

is it available

yes, the C4 3/5 Magnetar is still available.

still available. Great wormhole system ready to rock!

want a worm hole. I am just looking foir the worm hole

this one come with structures already anchored.

Name the price

Still for sale?