WTS 2 C5->C4 Magnetar wormholes

I have 2 C5->C4 Magnetar wormholes available. All completely set up for bearing. One with Fortizar & 2 Astras, and the other with Fortizar, 2 Astras, and a Rait.

Willing to sell just the wormholes/structures, or also with various ships:
5x rolling battleship
1-2x rolling HIC
2-4x rolling yacht
4x Rattlesnakes that can run any C5 site
Various utility/defense fleets
Different caps in the different wormholes

Two systems are in the same Constellation, and the third is in the same Region, so any time you kill a site, there’s a good chance of immediate respawn.

Selling individually or as a set.

Most efficient farming is 4 accounts, 3 characters each, with 4 characters in each wormhole. (Rattlesnakes are silly over-tanked, so even low SP characters can fly them.) Accounts can SP farm, so you don’t even have to pay for them.

5 sites an hour for 1.2b/hour blue loot from sites, plus 1.5b/hour in drifters.

Even assuming that all you do is run sites in the 3 wormholes 2 hours a week, that’s:

7.2b in blue loot from sites
9b in blue loot from drifters

16.2b for 6 hours of bearing a week. It’s just that easy.

There are 11, 12, and 15 green sites in the wormholes today. That’s 19b just waiting for you!

How much are you selling each one for?

Just the wormhole w/ structures and fittings, varies a bit depending on which one, but about 15b. Price then goes up if you want all the rattles, rolling battleships, etc.

It’s a significant investment, which you basically make back in a month.

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Hi, i’m interested in a C5 magnetar wormhole with fortizar + fittings, what can you propose me ? (Can join me IG or here)

Price details sent to Tash, but even if he buys, there are two other wormholes also up for sale!

One satisfied customer - two wormhole left!

Still for sale! Come make money!!!

I am interested. Can you send me more details ?

Additional info sent. Anyone else wanna buy the perfect isk making setup?

Another one sold - one left!

You still have one?
When yes can you tell me the specs?


sorry i saw you sent me an ingame message :slight_smile: thx

Interested! Still got one available? Feel free to message me in game–I will send you an Evemail now.

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