C4 Wormhole Magnetar for sale. C1/C2 static

C4 for sale, has an old tower in it, quite a few planets:
3x gas
2x temperate
2x lava
2x Barren

Planets are all within a few AU (less than 5) well clustered, no more annoying long warps during PI. Also super useful for home defense, can reach the whole system with probes easily


My main is in there, can map out an access point

Would love to keep it, but being a solo I don’t have the resources to setup a home there and tackle the sites. perfect opportunity for a group to rack up tons of isk ratting with the damage bonus!!!.

The C1 static will guarantee access to k space

Asking 700mil. Offers welcome

Also would be interested in living there if the buyer want an extra pilot for ratting fleet. Open to joining a corp.


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