WTS Vanilla C4+Astrahus Statics: c5/c3

My corp has a great history in honest sales you can take a look at that here: WTS C4 C3/C4 + Astrahus and 10 Pocos [Sold]

J105835 C4 Vanilla with C3/C5 Statics

No Effects

This wormhole is ready to move into. It includes a fitted Astrahus:fighters,nuets,missile defense, point and web (core absent) that has a single structure services: Standup Clone Bay with fuel for over 2 months.

There are 3 small dead sticks at planet 8 moon 1, planet 2 moon 1 and planet 6 moon 3.

8 Planets: 3 Gas, 4 Barren and 1 storm.

48 Moons and a pink small sun.

All planets have customs offices.

All customs offices owned by corp: Fuccboi Genetics at %0 tax rate with exception of customs office 6 that has %100 tax rate.

37.64 AU radious system.

For any questions you can post here and or send a mail ingame to myself.

Wh/citidel is for sale at 1.5 Bil Isk.

Bump, still for sale. :smiley:

Still for sale. :smiley:

Sent you a mail in game.

Dude I love vanilla and strawberries

WH has been sold please close.

Silent Phase was very thorough and quick about getting this hole transferred. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. If I am looking for a hole in the future he will be my first choice. Thanks for the help man, it was a pleasure.

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