WTS C4 C3/C4 + Astrahus and 10 Pocos [Sold]

My corp has a great history in honest sales going, you can find that here

J233449 C4 Vanilla with C3/C4 Statics

No Effects

This wormhole comes ready to move in no assembly needed. It includes a fully fitted Astrahus that has a single structure servies: Standup Manufacturing Plant 1 with fuel for over a month at the moment And 10 customs offices.

There are no dead sticks or other upwell structures in this system.

11 Planets: 4 Gas, 3 Barren, 2 Oceanic and 2 Lava.

70 Moons and a pink small sun.

All planets have customs offices.

All customs offices owned by corp: Phoenix of the Black Sun except planet 11 which is owned by corp: Ironbottom at %20 tax rate.

42.85 AU radious system.

For any questions you can post here and or send a mail ingame to myself.

Wh is for sale at 3 Bil Isk.

Still for sale. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bump :night_with_stars:

In Game offer accepcted please Close.

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