WTS C4 C3/C2 WH + Citidel [Sold]

My corp has a great history in honest sales going, you can find that here



J15338 C4 Vanilla with C3/C2 Statics

No Effects

This wormhole comes ready to move in no assembly needed. It includes a fully fitted Astrahus that has a single structure servies: Standup Manufacturing Plant 1 . You also will receive a Obelisk in said station (great for putting all your goods in if you get bashed).

There are 3 dead towers in this system they are as following:

There is a dead caldari control tower medium at planet 5 moon 13 with a couple incapacitated modules on it owned by the: begin again corp. There is a anchored amarr control tower on planet 2 moon 1 owned by the: Dark Spoon Legion corp.

7 Planets: 3 Gas, 3 Barren and a Oceanic.

45 Moons and a bright orange sun.

All planets have customs offices.

27.42 AU radious system.Planet 6’s custom office is owned by the New Eden Waste Management Services at 0% tax but are not able to access it. Planet 7’s custom office is owned by the Omega Fullerene Reaction Services at 1.5% tax rate. The other 5 planets customer offices are owned by the Hunters in the shadow corp at a 2% tax rate.

You can post here and or send a mail ingame to myself or Qel’Droma .

Wh is for sale at 3 bil isk, negotiable .

two other links for further history. :slight_smile:



Still for sale. :slightly_smiling_face:


Price reduced to 2 bil, motivated to sell.

Bump :smile:

Deposit sent from my alt Shadows Phantasm.

Sold! Enjoy your new home. :grinning:

Smooth Transaction & trust-worthy folks,that is hard to find in eve. I love the new system thanks guys!

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