WTS C3 (LS Static) with fitted Astrahus, Raitaru + Athanor with service modules, and all POCOs

Astrahus has full defensive fitting and two months of fuel, Athanor + Raitaru have a week of fuel.

POCOs are under our control.

J-tag http://anoik.is/systems/J143614

900 mil for all POCOs, plus 1.4 bil for Fitted Astrahus with Clone Bay, and 600 for Athanor, with Reprocessing Facility, and 550 mil for Raitaru fitted with Invention Lab.

3 Rolling BS’s in-hole available as well. 200 mil per BS.

Asking for 3.85 billion starting.

Make offers, would prefer this sells within the next week, willing to adjust price/be flexible.

Third party can be used, Buyer pays any fees. Reply here please.

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Bump 3, will take ad down in about 24-48 hours if no interest

Closing at the request of the OP


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