WTS C3 WH w/ High sec Static, Caps/Structures/POCO's included

Looking to sell C3 Wormhole with a High Sec Static. Asking 11 Bil for the following:

T2 Fit astra, a few rigs and fighters

T2 Fit Athanor, Fully rigged and ready for moon mining.

Faction Fit Nidhogger, T1 Rigs and T2 Fighters.

5 Planets with Pocos

Each Structure has at least 50 days of fuel (Astra Currently Has 115 days).

Will provide Scout in and hole control for the first 2 hours of your move in.

All structures and POCO’s will be transferred once money is received (Willing to breakup transfers in a reasonable way that makes sense). Nid will be ejected from outside of the astra once a pilot is in position to take control.

Price is fairly firm as god knows how much a Nid costs to build right now. And each structure costs at least 3 bil. So its pretty cheap. We have moved to null and dont need the hole anymore, so willing to let it go for cheap. PM me IN GAME, or i wont answer. Thanks.

Bump City Baby

Pending, but still available.
Free Bump

Still sort of pending.

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