WTS C2 Pulsar HS/C3 Static Full T2 Gas Setup

Everything below included in sale:

  • Fully combat fit Astrahus (Clone bay and 1 year of fuel)
  • Athenor T2 fit for gas Hybrid reactions, has clone bay and reprocessor installed (2 months of fuel)
  • 1x Charon hauler included currently parked inside astra
  • 9 pocos

We’ve been living in and gas huffing the hole for over two years, especially now with gas being required for a lot of indy the worth has gone up quite a bit. The HS static lands within 2 of Jita on a regular basis for hauling PI and Gas/Reactions out. The C3 is your money maker and can be rolled easily to get access to c3 gas sites or combat sites over and over. All you gotta do is bring in rollers, scanners, and gas huffers and you are ready to make some serious isk, everything else is done. If your interested please reach out to Kirk Lazlar or Dap Fral and we would be more then happy to work with you.

Still up for sale with 3 interested parties.

Sold, thread closed. Thanks everyone.

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