[WTS] C2 with Astrahus+Raitaru

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #1

Hi there, I am looking to sell my C2 Red Giant Wormhole with C3 and HS statics.

The hole includes a fitted astrahus with clone service (1.8 bil total) and a fitted raitaru with manufacturing/reprocessing service and t1 null/ls ore rig (1.2 bil).

There are two dead sticks in system (both bookmarked) and all pocos are owned by another corp at 10% tax. The system does have some pretty great PI (enough for fuel blocks and 2-3 types of T4).

We are asking 4 bisk for this hole and its citadels.

Please contact me in-game if you are interested or reply here.

(Peta Chieve) #2

I’m curious to hear more, you can contact me via my discord below, otherwise best of luck.

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #3

WH still for sale. Please send me a message if you are interested.

(Dimon Allin) #4

i am intresting for buy this wh
J code please

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #5

Please message me in-game for information about the hole.

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #6

WH still for sale, fully fitted astrahus and raitaru for 4 bisk obo

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #7

Details of system PI can be found here: http://prntscr.com/gi19hp

WH for sale 4bisk obo
Fitted Astrahus and Raitaru
Cloning service
Reprocessing service + rig

(system) #8

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