WTS - C2 w/C2+LS statics With A Citadel To Call Home

Looking to sell a C2 Wormhole/Astrahus. The C2 has a C2 static and a Lowsec static. The planets all have 3rd party POCO’s, with 5% tax. The Astraeus itself is partially fitted and fightered, with an estimated fitting window value of 1.3 billion. It’s been a great hole for me, and relic sites alone usually produce around 70m a day with a few minutes of clearing. Add on the combat, data, ore and gas sites, and you’ll have plenty to do, plus you’ll always have a C2 to run.

I will be using Elizabeth Norn as a trusted third party. I’m looking to get 2b isk, or best offer.

Price updated


I may be interested. Please get in touch in the game.

Thanks ,
Baba Galush

Assuming your system is still for sale, can you post a link to the system in http://anoik.is/ Maybe in a PM if you’re worried about secrecy.

Hello. I’m very interested in this. Please message me in game what the process for purchasing would look like.

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