WTS C2 w/ C2+LS

For Sale - Class 2 Wormhole with Low Sec and C2 Statics. Ideal for smaller corps interested in getting into WH-Space. Includes a fully fit and fueled citadel to avoid the hassle of anchoring it. System has good PI capable of making POS fuel after you ship in the ice. No other structures are currently anchored in the system.

Asking Price is 2.2b Please contact me via in game mail for fastest response.


  • 1 Fitted Astrahus w/ fuel
  • WH J105352
  • 1 Fitted Rolling Megathron

Not Included

  • The 10 POCO’s in system.

- FAQ -
There are 4 dead POS’s in system.
POCO’s are player owned but abandoned.

Still for Sale!

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