WTS C2 w/static HiSec & C3 (OFF THE MARKET)


A perfect system for an experienced corporation; this C2 combines the ease of hisec logistics with excellent PVE/PVP opportunity with the static C3. This system will also include a combat fit Astrahus for an easy move in and allow you to get right down to the business of making isk.

System info:
7 planets / 45 moons.
POCOs affiliated with 3rd Party (not included in sale)
Quite a few 6+ offline POS’s with arrays (make isk from arrays if u want to shoot dead sticks)

What you get:
1 x Astrahus - Fully fit with ammo, fighters plus 1 weeks fuel.
Unoccupied C2 with statics B274 & O477
System ready for quick move in.

Asking price is $4b.

Serious inquiries only, send eve mail.

Cheers. o7

You could be moved in by now … still available.

2b …

This system is still available.

Send in game mail for serious inquiries.

I purchased this. It was an excellent transaction. Seller was quick to answer questions and the entire transaction went without any issues. I made a small deposit and checked the system out, then took a leap of faith. I would love to do business again if I decide to upgrade to a larger hole later. Thank you!

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