WTS C2 w/ Static HiSec & C3 (OFF THE MARKET)


A charming system with 8 planets and 17 moons includes daily statics to High Security space and lucrative C3 space. This system will include a combat fit Astrahus with a weeks worth of fuel, ammo & fighters. Here is your chance to live in some of the best unknown space.

System info:
POCO’s held by 3rd party not affiliated with sale.
Offline POS’s with arrays (shoot for easy isk in reselling of arrays)
Includes Combat fit Astrahus includes fuel, ammo & fighters

Asking price $4b. Showing now!!

Send eve mail for serious inquiries only.

This system still available.

Ready for immediate move in. Eve mail for serious inquiries.

This system is waiting for you.

Still available.

Smooth sale. Alex kept up his end of the bargain. Also helped explain a few things. Don’t hesitate to buy!

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