WTS C2 w/Static C3 & HiSec (Off the Market)


Fantastic system just came available and will not be on the market for long. Easy access to high security space with great opportunity to make isk in the static C3.

System info:
3rd Party POCO’s (not affiliated with sale, 10% tax)
5 Offline POS’s with arrays.

Asking price: $1.5b

Send Eve mail for serious inquiries. Will not be on market for long.

Last few days., contact via Eve mail for serious inquiries.

Still Available.

I’m interested, can we talk in game? Jayb2 it’s my toon

Still for sale

This system still available.

Final week. System still available.

Could you post the Jtag as well (or just message it to me here or in game?)?

For your asking price, you want 1.5 bill just for the hole no anchored structures?

This system is still for sale.

This system still available.

Final days, if interested contact ASAP.

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