WTS C2 J Space system with static HiSec & C4


Fantastic system just came available featuring panoramic views and great isk making opportunities. This system features quick access to Hisec and the static C4 gives you access to ‘BIG ISK’ sites. A combat fit Astrahus has already been anchored and is ready for transfer to the new inhabitants. The newest in Upwell technology, this fully fit Astrahus will include ammo, fighters and a fuel. Move in today!

System Info:
12 Planets / 75 moons
POCO’s owned by 3rd party (not part of sale)
Includes combat fit Astrahus w/ fuel, ammo & fighters.

Asking price $4b isk.

Send Eve mail with serious inquiries.

This system still available.

System still available.

This system still available.

Still Available.

Looks interesting, i will write you in 12-15 hours after the work

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