WTS C2 With C3 & HS static

I would like to sell a vanilla class 2 worm hole with c3 and HS static. Included in the sell will be a fitted Raitaru for your use. This hole does have some dead pos sticks that you can kill off and it does also have 2 Astrahus that you could also kill off after a little time. I have never seen any action from either of them. They are owned by diff corps. One has 9 members and the other 21 but never seen any action from those corps in hole. It also does have very nice moons for pi. Can do up to T4 pi production including pos fuel so you could make your own fuel blocks with ice product hauled in. Since i don’t know much about moon mining i cant say if its good for doing that. Feel free to get with me here or in game.


I contacted you in game about the service.


Could you please tell me (here or message me in game) what your asking price is, and the J tag of the wormhole?

Thanks! o7


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