[SOLD] WTS Wormhole: C2 with HS and C3 statics // Astrahus // 11 planets/ POCOs

We’re moving out of our wormhole (“Tortuga”) to return to lowsec, and so we want to sell it.

The hole is a C2 with HS and C3 statics. It’s a vanilla wormhole (pink small star) with no special effect.

The hole has 11 planets where we own all the POCOs (Barren x 4, Lava x 3, Storm x 2, Gas x 2).

We have an Astrahus in the system, equipped with a clone bay and a basic t1 fitting.

Price is 6 bill for everything, or a good offer not too far off. Payment in advance.

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Please check in game mail

Still for sale!

Back to the top, still for sale :slight_smile:

The wormhole has been sold and the thread can be closed.