WTS C3 with HS static fully equipped

(Digital Messiah) #1

Selling our current hole, a C3 with HS static (D845, large hole), 4 moons, 5 planets. System is not wide, you are able to D-SCAN all of it while sitting tethered in any of the structures.

Comes with:

  • Fitted Fortizar (clone vat module, reprocessing module for compression, fighters, 1 rig, missile launchers, warp scramblers,etc)
  • Fitted Azbel (capital shipyard, manufacturing module, clone vat)
  • 1x Athanor fitted for reprocessing only (reprocessing service module)
  • 4x Athanor, 1 on each moon with moon drill module (getting mostly Coesite, Gneiss and the nullsec ores)
  • Capitals fitted : Chimera, Niddhogur, Rorqual (without excavators)
  • Optional rolling ships (fitted megathrons)
  • Custom offices on all planets
  • no dead sticks in the system

Starting price: 30 bil

(Digital Messiah) #2

Still available

(Divinus Kado) #3

Confirmed, this wh it’s gr8 for those who want to play solo and do alot of mining, also ratting/exploring are not bad:)

(Divinus Kado) #4

up 25 bil final price

(Emperor Necrology) #5

how do you propose to transfer property.

(Master Charlie) #6

Is it possible to give us an entrace location to check it out? Planets, moons and so on?

(Divinus Kado) #7

Contact me in game Jayb2 and we can do it properly and I give you all info you need. Also the price is very good but you will have to decide if want to buy or not coz in a few days everything will unancor and we gonna move from here and blow up the capitals for insurance:P

(Divinus Kado) #8

@Emperor_Necrology As we did when we boght this wh we gonna transfer everything to you once you make us the payment, it only takes 2 minutes and everything can be transfered to your corporation.

(Emperor Necrology) #9

Sorry I don’t like the method of transfer so I will pass

(system) #10

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