WTS C3 with HS static fully equipped

Selling our current hole, a C3 with HS static (D845, large hole), 4 moons, 5 planets. System is not wide, you are able to D-SCAN all of it while sitting tethered in any of the structures.

Comes with:

  • Fitted Fortizar (clone vat module, reprocessing module for compression, fighters, 1 rig, missile launchers, warp scramblers,etc)
  • Fitted Azbel (capital shipyard, manufacturing module, clone vat)
  • 1x Athanor fitted for reprocessing only (reprocessing service module)
  • 4x Athanor, 1 on each moon with moon drill module (getting mostly Coesite, Gneiss and the nullsec ores)
  • Capitals fitted : Chimera, Niddhogur, Rorqual (without excavators)
  • Optional rolling ships (fitted megathrons)
  • Custom offices on all planets
  • no dead sticks in the system

Starting price: 30 bil

Still available

Confirmed, this wh it’s gr8 for those who want to play solo and do alot of mining, also ratting/exploring are not bad:)

up 25 bil final price

how do you propose to transfer property.

Is it possible to give us an entrace location to check it out? Planets, moons and so on?

Contact me in game Jayb2 and we can do it properly and I give you all info you need. Also the price is very good but you will have to decide if want to buy or not coz in a few days everything will unancor and we gonna move from here and blow up the capitals for insurance:P

@Emperor_Necrology As we did when we boght this wh we gonna transfer everything to you once you make us the payment, it only takes 2 minutes and everything can be transfered to your corporation.

Sorry I don’t like the method of transfer so I will pass

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