Selling C3-HS - well established infrastructure

Hello All,

my group grew big and we are moving to a higher class hole. Now we are selling our great C3 hole for you to live. We have a fully weaponized Astrahus and a dead star Amarr Control Tower.

The hole provides:

  • Great logistic with high sec space to sell your production any time. The HS spawn are often Gallente and Caldari space, barely Minmatar.
  • Wandering/K162 connection to C4/C5 almost every 1.5 day. Gas cloud and relic/data site almost daily.
  • You can have a very good and safe ratting experience with this hole. All you need is to roll the high sec connection and your are in a closed system for 4-6 hours no disruption.
  • C3 site are great payout and it only requires a praxis with meta/T2 fit.
  • The hole has 12 planets for your PI farm.

Considering the incoming mining change/Battleship buff, this hole can also provide great industry environment for a Indy focused corp, simply anchor an Raitaru/Athanor you can start your reaction buss. Enjoy the NS industry buff and the HS logistic. System provides totally 54 moons to mine moon ore.

All structure with fuel and cores
Price will be 10B including the fully fitted Astrahus, the Deadstar POS, 2 rolling praxis.
On top of that, 5 PVP praxis + a Tornado PVP fleet for HS hole camping and 8 gas mining ventures as gift.

For details contact me on Discord: The Mio#5356

i am definitely intrested in WH if still available please respond in game mail to madmoragen

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