WTS C3 Hole with HS static

Want to live in the most unique and fun place in EvE? Want to start your EvE journey in the unknown? Let me introduce you to this illustrious C3 WormHole. Stocked with a beautiful and new Raitaru as well as a few dead POS sticks for target practice. With 9 Planets and 21 moons this a new players dream hole to get started in! Not to mention the multitude of Anomalies and sites to make isk in!

This hole has an asking bid is 500 Mill isk but the current owners are more than willing to negotiate! If you have any questions feel free to message me!

Still looking for fabulous buyers!


I’m interested, shall message you in-game for details mate. Hopefully still available?

Yes Still available!


Still looking for buyers!

Are we talking 500m for the wh, or the wh plus assets? Rait? POCOs?

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