I am selling a C2 Red Giant wormhole with C3 and high sec statics; with a fully fit/rigged/fueled astrahaus; and also including all POCOS for 3.5 bill. I am also throwing in our basic wormhole ships for free (rolling megas, scanning imicuses, itty mk V’s, etc).

A little under a year ago I set up shop with some IRL friends in this wormhole and had the most fun I’ve had in my Eve career. We’ve decided to move up class to a bigger group to get higher end PVP content and as such I am selling our old hole!

This wormhole is perfect for groups new to wormhole space, or just smaller groups in general. The high sec makes for easy logistics and ganks (you’d be surprised how many high sec denziens poke their noses into J-space) as well as a C3 to make great ISK and find PVP content. The red giant effect was also perfect for our T-3 defense doctrine!

The only downside of the hole is that there only 2 planets and one moon. I used the barren as a factory planet to produce P4’s with imported materials brought in thru our high sec.

If you are interested then please post here or mail me in game, although I will likely respond within hours in game versus every couple days on the forums.

Also, please feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about wormholes or wormhole life! I would love to pass the hole down to another small corp taking their first steps into J-space.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Bump

Still for sale?

Also wanting to know if this is still for sale, I’m definitely interested.

i will buy it for 4b

Sorry to get back to you both so late, the wormhole has been sold :*(

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