WTS C4 - C3/C4 Static Archon POS Astrahus

WTS C4 Wormhole

C3/C4 Statics
Includes Small POS with basic fit.
Includes Archon in hole for C4 ratting (will be mostly fit and include t1 and t2 fighters).
Includes Astrahus set up and mostly fit with clone bay.
Includes 8 POCOS out of 11 planets (3 POCOS never destroyed on duplicate planets).
Will also include about 300mil in various ore with sale.
No effect. One offline POS.

Starting at 3.5bil will consider a buyout offer. Happy to provide more details privately if requested.

bump still for sale

What is the J-tag of the system?
I’m considering buying out for 3.5-3.75, is the Archon required in the purchase? I have no need for the in-hole capital, and was interested in what the price would be without it.
I’ll be looking into seeing if I can get the isk for it, if you’d prefer I can EveMail or use an out of game service to discuss this further, I’m definitely interested.

Is this still available?

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